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En el mes de septiembre de 2.010 AÑO 16 Nº 181 , la Agenda Cultural de Recife PE (Brasil) publicó el lanzamiento de O último tucunaré (2.010)

David, de Indie Island, escribió la siguiente reseña para el álbum Kong 2.015 en MusicSUBMIT


Asnografía, álbum ASNOGRAFÍA 2009



It’s an interesting language you’re using there, but you use compositional technique well, and your language stays consistent throughout the work.


You seem to be more of a composer who thinking lines instead of harmonies, meaning you write the lines for the players and let whatever harmonies that creates happen.

CHARLES FERNÁNDEZ (composer and arranger)


¡ Que suene el cuento! RECAPITULANDO 2013

This is a very interesting piece you've written here José! I like that I couldn't predict where it was going to go, being unpredictable is often a good thing these days as it help you to stand out from the crowd. BRADLEY JORDAN (composer and orchestrator)


Cuarteto núm. 1 Primer movimiento Los cuartetos 2.012


You wrote a very nice orginal piece, this is great. [...} Anyways, congratulations, that was a lot of work, you are a great composer , I’m really enjoying what you came up with  MILTON NELSON (arranger and orchestrator).

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